Charlotte man seen passing out resumes during rush hour gets interviews

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FOX 46 is getting results for a Charlotte man as he looks for a job. Last week, we introduced you to Michael Bridges. The Charlotte man was passing out resumes on the side of the road during rush hour.

Now, he’s going on interviews and hopes to land a job soon.

Bridges, 28, is the father of two young children and has a master’s degree in business. The former HR director was laid off in June. He made a sign letting people know he was laid off and asking them to take a resume. He went out with the goal of finding an opportunity, not a handout.

Thousands of people wanting to get results for Bridges shared his story on social media. He says he’s been overwhelmed with phone calls, emails and messages.

LINK: Laid off Charlotte father of 2 with MBA passing out resumes during rush hour

“They say they saw the story on FOX 46 and they are impressed with my determination, my will and my ability to put my pride down. They tell me if I’m willing to do that then I would work hard in their corporate setting,” said Bridges.

“I was at the lowest of lows last week,” said Bridges.

Bridges has heard from major companies, professionals who want to help him with his resume and even people offering to mentor and guide him through this process. One clothing non-profit reached out to offer Bridges a fresh suit for interviews.

“This result that FOX 46 is getting is for my family, my future and for the community it’s also an inspiration,” said Bridges.

Bridges is thankful to everyone who shared the story on social media and for all the kind words he has received from all around the world.