Charlotte man shot at during road rage incident on I-77

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A Charlotte driver reported to police that he was a victim of road rage incident on Halloween night.

A police report stated it happened Tuesday around 7:20 p.m. on Interstate-77 near exit eight, which goes to Remount Rd. 

The driver, who has asked FOX 46 Charlotte to refer to him only as Joey, was headed home from work.

“I was like, in a totally different world, I was like, did that just happen, was that real?” he said.

The shooter fired once at Joey's car. The bullet entered Joey’s vehicle, causing two holes in the front. Fortunately, he was not hit or injured. 

As for a description on the suspect, Joey only remembers that the driver was in a dark colored Sedan with a South Carolina license plate that had the first three letters—LYX.

He’s asking for anyone who saw something to contact police.

“I don’t want this dangerous guy on the streets,” he said. Police are investigating and trying to find the shooter, who sped off.