Charlotte man takes down attacker after being stabbed

A thief thought he was going to get away with attacking a man at the light rail, but he thought wrong. 

On Monday night, police swarmed the light rail on North Tryon. At the time, no information was released about what happened, but FOX 46 later learned it was the scene of a violent crime that left one man with stab wounds and another in handcuffs. 

“I was sitting at the light rail and a guy walks up and he gets on the train and he’s like ‘hey I know you.’ I’m like ‘bruh you don’t know me,’ and he was like ‘yeah you’re the dude from North Tryon you said you were going to stab me. He said ‘you said you were going to shoot me if I don’t leave you alone,’” victim Courtney Pinkney said. 

Pinkney says he was just on his way home from work when the incident happened, and he didn’t even know the guy that was trying to hurt him. 

“He said ‘yeah so where’s your gun at? Alright, you ain’t got no gun? Well I’m going to kill you then.’ 

Pinkney says that’s when the man pulled his knife out. 

“I said ‘man, put that knife up.’”

They were at the light rail platform when the man attacked and tried to take Pinkney’s bag. After wounding Pinkney, the suspect tried to run down North Tryon, but his victim wasn’t far behind. 

Pinkney caught up with the suspect before police did. Once they arrived, the suspect was taken into custody. 

Pinkney says he’s been stabbed before, but despite some troubles in his past, he’s been working to stay out of trouble, and is thankful that he’s still alive to tell his story. 

“I’m here for a reason man.” 

Medic had to attend to Pinkney’s injuries, which are still visible. The suspects name and his exact charges have not been released at this time.