Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles throws support behind new District 9 election

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles threw her support behind a re-do election in the contested 9th Congressional race.

"The voters should have the right to make that decision," said Lyles. "I think anything that election fraud can only be remedied when voters have that confidence and that's often through a new election."

Parts of Charlotte fall in the 9th District.

Incoming House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said last week that Democrats would not seat Republican Mark Harris, who won the election by less than a thousand votes. Harris has not been certified the winner amid allegations of ballot fraud in Bladen County. 

The state Republican Party expressed optimism that Harris will be sworn into office in just three days. Catawba College political science professor Dr. Michael Bitzer is less optimistic. 

"Come Jan. 3, the Democrats taking over the US House, will likely not seat Mark Harris," said Bitzer.

Late Sunday, the state GOP sent a letter to Gov. Roy Cooper saying the party will not be "bullied" into supporting his proposal to create an interim board of elections until a new board takes over Jan. 31. 

The GOP, which believes the governor does not have the authority to create an interim board, is refusing to submit nominations and is threatening a lawsuit.

"Some Republicans in the legislature said that is an illegal move that the governor does not have the authority to do that," said Bitzer. "We wil likely see it end up, yet again, in court."

This raises all sorts of questions about what will happen with the current investigation into absentee ballot tampering. 

Gov. Cooper and the state Democratic Party say the GOP is "obstructing justice" by refusing to submit nominees and recognize an interim board.  

Meanwhile, Harris' Democratic opponent Dan McCready has been posting online videos asking for donations anticipating a new election.

"It's just continued chaotic limbo," said Bitzer.