Charlotte mom pleads for end to gun violence after husband shot, killed

A young mother’s message to the Charlotte community was heartbreaking: She’s pleading for an end to gun violence after her husband was shot and killed leaving a restaurant in south Charlotte last week. 

Domingo Venancio-Tapia was shot and killed on April 29 outside Restaurante Lempira on South Boulevard. 

On Wednesday, his family joined CMPD at a press conference to speak about the loss that they have suffered, and ask Queen City neighbors to stop turning to guns to solve their problems. 

“A bullet took his life, and that same bullet has destroyed my life and it has shattered my heart,” Venancio-Tapia's wife said. 

She was fighting back tears while holding her daughter, who is just three weeks old. Her husband gunned down last month after eating at this restaurant on South Boulevard.  

LINK: Police: Man shot to death in front of Restaurante Lempira in south Charlotte

“He was a liked, cheerful man he was a very hard worker that was proud to support his wife and family,” her mother said. “Because of this crime my daughter will not have her loving husband and my three-week-old granddaughter will not have her daddy when she grows up.” 

Two suspects, 17 and 18, were charged with the murder of the 41-year-old father. 

The topic of CMPD’s press conference today was conflict resolution among young adults. This comes ahead of Thursday’s planned conversation on ending violence in the community that will be held.

CMPD says many of this year's homicides are linked to minor disagreements. In fact, nearly 30 percent of them began with an argument, and sadly, 90 percent of the homicides involved a gun. 

“I wish this was an issue as police we could handle ourselves. I wish this is something we could address because I am tired of having this conversation. I am tired of reaching out to the community for assistance, but here I go again because the mission of our police department is problem solving partnerships and crime prevention,” said CMPD Chief Kerr Putney.

For the Venancio-Tapia family, last month's murder  will have a long lasting impact. 

“Not only was my husband's life taken, but the future we were supposed to have together-- the future our daughter was supposed to have-- was also taken. We're just left with a big gaping hole that can't filled.”

Tomorrow’s community conversation will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Palmer Building.