Charlotte mom says baby was inside car when driver attacked with tire iron

A Charlotte woman says experienced every mother's nightmare when two men attacked her and her baby in a case of road rage. 

Police still trying to piece together exactly what happened before a mother’s car window was smashed by a tire iron while her baby was in the car.

Shortly after 4 p.m. on Saturday, a family was in the car, on a mission to the grocery store near I-485 at Arrowood. 

“We were actually going to a grocery store to get steak for a cookout,” the victim told FOX 46. 

She was so shaken by the incident, she didn’t want to show her face on camera. She’s still scared of what could happen to her.  
She says the driver and passenger in the car in front of her were acting strange before the terrifying ordeal. 
“They were acting very erratic, like they were having a good time in their car. They had their hands waiving outside the car.” 

The apparent joy-riding, lead to something else entirely. 

“They started looking back at their car and pointing, and they were using soda cups to hit our car.”

The victim says she didn't know the two suspects, and didn't know why they started targeting her car, which she was in with her boyfriend and baby. But that didn’t stop what happened next.

“When I opened the door to tell him I have a baby in the car, he basically knocked it out, and it broke and shattered everywhere,” 

It all came to an end at East Arrowood at England, with a tire iron taken to one of the windows of her car.

The suspects, described by the victim as two Hispanic men in their 20's apparently ran into another car before taking off. 

Right now, this victim wants to know why they went after her and her family.

“They did not care the whole entire time we were telling them we had a baby in the car, they did not care.” 

The victim was able to give us a description of not only the suspects, but also the car. She says it appeared to be an older-model light brown Nissan Sentra. Anyone who may have information on this incident is asked to call Charlotte Mecklenburg police.