Charlotte Muslim leaders condemn Paris attacks

Muslim leaders right here in Charlotte are speaking out about the terror attacks in Paris. They are condemning the mass killings that left more than 100 people dead.

Officials say the Islamic state claimed responsibility for the deadly terror attacks.

The Islamic Center of Greater Charlotte says the extremist group’s actions are not a representation of the Islamic faith.

Imam Atif Chaudhry says Islam is a non-violent religion and condemns their acts of terror.

“This is not something that we believe. This is not something that we teach,” he said.

The Charlotte community has expressed support for France during this emotionally difficult time.

Local activist Jibril Hough says the actions of ISIS is something that has associated Islam with terrorism. He wants to reiterate that Islam does not promote violence.

“It puts us Muslims in a position where we have to prepare to react and condemn something that really has nothing to do with our faith,” Hough said.

As the city of Charlotte continues to push forward a message of solidarity, the Muslim community hopes to join them in honoring all the lives lost, to unite as one and to promote peace and understanding.