Charlotte neighbors concerned with increase in violent incidents at Epicentre

After another dangerous incident at the Epicentre, neighbors in Charlotte are beginning to associate the popular nightlife spot with violence and issues of safety.

Tuesday night, someone was stabbed. Just last week, a man was shot and killed in an incident involving two CMPD officers. Another man was killed after being shot by a 16-year-old on a nearby sidewalk last month.

It's part of a violent trend. In the last month, there have been nearly 50 incidents at the Epicentre.

There were two calls just in the time FOX 46 spent at the Epicentre Wednesday night. One was a report of an assault and another was a mental health call. It highlighted some of the worries we heard from people who say it is getting to be too much.

“We did witness an arrest, and it was like...'wow',” Holly Hollingsworth said.

Hollingsworth is visiting town from Winston-Salem. She said the incident left her a bit shaken. 

“The assumption was that it's no big deal, but come out here and find out that a lot of bad stuff has been going on,” Hollingsworth said. 

There have been dozens of incidents in and around the Epicentre this month, ranging from vandalism, robbery, to assault.


“If you're not from the area, you wouldn't know, so you'd probably not avoid it,” said Darious Crawford. 

Crawford says she travels by the Epicentre a lot and she knows when to avoid it.

“I usually try to stay later to get some work done before I go home and if I know certain areas have had issues, I’ll walk around it,” Crawford said. 

FOX 46 found some space at the Epicentre up for rent or unoccupied. Sources tell FOX 46 some spots there are not having their leases renewed in favor of office space.

We asked management about that. They said "management has and will continue to honor the terms of lease agreements with Epicentre's tenants." 

For visitors and neighbors in Charlotte, they just want that peace of mind.

“Just assumed it would be safe and fun,” Hollingsworth said. 

We did reach out to CMPD to see if they've upped their law enforcement presence here. They told FOX 46 that they've been working with Epicentre management and their corporate police to keep the area safe. That has included numerous types of patrols in the area.