Charlotte neighbors help out after kids robbed at lemonade stand

Three kids were robbed of money they earned running a lemonade stand in Charlotte. On Monday, the community came together to help get results for the family targeted by thieves. 

It was a spring like day when the three siblings-- ages 4, 7 and 10-- set out to earn some cash with a lemonade stand in the Dilworth Chase neighborhood. 

“You know dollar for lemonade, dollar for hot chocolate,” dad Shane Halpin said. 

That was until a red convertible with a black top pulled up and four guys hopped out.

“Two guys got out and one was distracting her. The other is like ‘we’ll get two for the guys in the car,’ so that got the two younger kids to the car and I guess the wind blew a cup and my 10-year-old reached for that and when she looked back she said the money was gone,” said Halpin.

The $25 they had earned selling drinks on the corner of this street had been stolen. 

“I was extremely angry, but at the same time you want them to learn to be stolen from so they don't steal in the future. So there's life lessons but you know it almost makes you feel like a bad parent you didn't monitor enough or give enough instruction.”

The family posted about the incident on the Nextdoor app, hoping someone may know who the thieves were, but instead, the gift they received was much bigger and much more unexpected.

“One person wouldn’t give up. She wanted to pay, so we gave her the Paypal code and she sent $30. So they lost like $25, but she wasn't going to take no so we accepted that.”

A neighborhood coming together to get results for the kids who just wanted to sell some lemonade and hot chocolate to earn a few bucks and brighten other people's day.

“There's hope where people can reach out and let them know we are neighbors we don’t see each other every day but when something happens it’s good to see people be supportive.”