Charlotte Non-Profit Down on Donations

We're just a little more than a week out from Christmas and many of us are still getting those last minute gifts. Some charity groups are also feeling the crunch. One Charlotte non-profit is running low on donations and needs your help.

Our Foundation for Children’ is a small non-profit nestled in the heart of a North Charlotte neighborhood along Sugar Creek Road.

"One of the reasons we have this center in this place is because we wanted an actual location in the community where people could come for help," said Vianne Howitt, a volunteer.

The charity's founders and volunteers say they see the need firsthand.

"The schools I volunteer in, I see the need there. There are some kids that come in who don't have jackets. I've bought shoes for kids, underwear for kids, jackets for kids," said Clair Lane, founder of the organization.

That's why OFC not only gives away gifts for Christmas. But also warm clothing and food. But this year, the small organization is hitting a wall.

"When I got the notice from Toys for Tots that donations were down, I was expecting this year to be a good year. The economy is doing a little better," said Howitt.

‘Our Foundation for Children’ gets a big chunk of its donations from Toys for Tots. But this year, things are tight.

"We try and give two toys, but this year we're only able to give one gift per child. We did give out close to 50 thousand children last year. This year we're at 40 thousand children. It's not as many children this year, but we're also not getting as many donations," said Shannon Sweeney with Toys for Tots.

That's why the neighborhood non-profit is asking for your help so every child can find a gift under the Christmas tree this holiday.

"We want all the children to know they are indeed worthwhile and that somebody wants to do something for them," said Howitt.

Last year, 'Our Foundation for Children' helped more than 700 kids for the holidays. OFC and Toys for Tots aren't the only ones low on donations. The Salvation Army tells us their Red Kettle Campaign is behind between 6 and 8 thousand dollars.