Charlotte organization sending masks, gowns to China amid coronavirus outbreak

With every box that’s packed and stored, more than a dozen pallets now ready to be shipped off to Wuhan, China to help with the coronavirus outbreak. 

"We've never seen this before even in the Ebola crisis and even the previous SARS outbreak in china we've never seen this level of quarantine,” said Steven Wray, President of Restore Global. 

The outbreak and quarantine causing a shortage of items that could help stop the spread, allowing Restore Global to step in and get results for those in need and help the fight against the deadly virus.

"When these masks are utilized it does limit the exposure from people who have the coronavirus and people who don’t. It won’t stop it but it will slow it down," Wray said. 

By the end of the week, a truck will be loaded up with those supplies, including things like gowns and masks. 

"There’s such a need for not only the functional need but also the psychological aspect because there's such a fear," said Wray. 

Wray says in addition to saving lives, stopping the virus minimizes the impact on the global economy. 

"As you read daily in the news of countries that are relying on China’s infrastructure to be able to support manufacturing and other economic activities, the quarantine is really limiting that," Wray said. 

Once the supplies are shipped they're expected to reach China next Tuesday.