Charlotte prepares for severe weather

Charlotte-Mecklenburg has been preparing for the severe weather headed our way.

"This bridge floods. Folks need to know the way out of here," Mark Boone with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services said. 

There's only one way in and one way out of the Bramar Gardens Apartment complex in north Charlotte. It’s right next to Stewart Creek.

Alescia Perry told FOX 46 Charlotte she has been living there for about a year.

"A girlfriend of mine who used to live here about six years ago when it flooded and they had to get her out of here on a boat. They had to take the boat across the bridge because it had flooded so bad you couldn't get in or out,” Perry said.

Her building, plus six others, is in a flood zone. She hopes it doesn't happen this time with hurricane Hermine.

"It messes up a lot of peoples' houses and if you don't have rental insurance, you're really in trouble," Perry said. 

The Bramar Gardens Apartment complex is one of twenty hot spots Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water keeps an eye on, especially when big storms are headed our way. Live camera feeds and creek level monitoring systems alert first responders to trouble.

"The camera is part of our flood information notification system that notifies first responders who will come out and close the bridge if they need to and lets us know if we need to take more drastic action," Boone said. 

He says keeping the creeks and storm drains clear of debris is a big part of preventing flooding.

"We're asking folks if they have a storm drain in front of their home or business to clear it if it's clogged. If they can't clear it, then call 311 so we can come out and clear it immediately," Boone said. 

Duke Energy tells Fox 46 Charlotte it's also readying itself for the storm. They have crews on stand-by if there are any outages.

Here's the link to a 3D flood map for Charlotte-Mecklenburg:

Here's the link to the Duke Energy power outage map: