Charlotte Swift Water Rescue Team saves man from flood water

Swift water rescue teams from Charlotte are on the ground in eastern North Carolina where they've quickly been put to use. 

FOX 46 Charlotte was there as the Charlotte Swift Water Rescue Team saved a man from the flood water. 

Emergency crews hit the road to rescue a man hanging on a tree. His truck, swept away by floodwaters. When Charlotte Swift Water Rescue arrived, the man was nowhere to be seen. 

"He said that he was driving across the road and that the road disappeared from under him. He started to slide down into the water. He started to reverse out and the truck disappeared. He got out of the car and was pushed into the trees," Mark Ligon said. 

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 But it was dead silent. The man didn't call out, making it hard to know exactly where he was. Thankfully, there was another driver there, the one who called 911. She helped show the rescuers where the man was holding on to a tree, the only thing keeping him from going with the current. 

The Charlotte Swift Water Rescue Team grabbed him from the trees. The man's clothes were completely wet, and he thanked crews. He told FOX 46 Charlotte that he was going to check on his house and animals on the other side of Black River. 

"I'm grateful we have the privilege to be here and help these folks. Anyone who enters emergency services, that's what we're here for. We do it for the love. We do it for the brotherhood, the sisterhood, to help each other out," Ligon said. 

Thanks to the one person was there who called 911, this is a story of a successful rescue.