Charlotte vape shop owner, fire department issue warning to users

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A lot of people use them, but not everyone knows the danger that comes with them: E-Cigarettes and ‘vapes.’  

"E cigarettes, mods, batteries, all of that is just all different words for the same thing effectively,” said Eric Massey, part owner of Vape Shop Charlotte.

The Charlotte Fire Department wants to make sure users know the fire hazards associated with their use in their latest safety message on Twitter. 

"There are documented cases where those batteries either explode or have some sort of catastrophic failure that cause fire problems inside residence, burns to people that are using them and even explosions that turns these units into projectiles,” said Mac Westover. He works with Charlotte Fire. 

Several explosions have been reported across the country and here in Charlotte have caused serious injuries and even death. 

Massey says a lot of these cases are caused by misuse and it's all about the vapes you choose. 

"Most vapes are going to be protected by chips and they're going to have multiple safety checks on the batteries they won't let you do a thing if they sense anything wrong with the battery,” he said. 

We've all heard it-- don't fall asleep with a cigarette in your hand. Now, you need to know that you shouldn’t charge your e-cigarettes in your bed or on a flammable surface. 

"Smart chargers or the fast chargers or something like that can overheat the vape only because there's so much amperage going through the battery that it didn't expect,” Massey said. 

Massey says vaping is like driving a car. It can be safe, but you have to know what you're doing.