Charlotte vigils honor lives lost in recent attacks

Those who live in charlotte are joining together in solidarity to pray for the world.

““it’s very important in this moment. I know a lot of American have felt the same pain during September 11th and I know they understand. “ Sophie Gunn, said.

In Freedom Park on Sunday, Mecklenburg County’s Honorary Consul of France hosted the Paris Peace Vigil.

Sunday evening the Islamic Center of Charlotte hosted its own vigil for the victims in Paris and Lebanon.

“My dad is currently in Lebanon, he was there when the bombs hit—I was there in 2006 when the bombs hit I know how awful that feeling is.” Lauren Tayara, said.

“Everybody gathered in every city in France so I wanted to be able to do something like this tonight, and also for the people in Lebanon as well.” Thibaut Taquet, said.