Charlotte woman arrested after reportedly blowing up car

A woman says she fears for her life after she says her Jeep was intentionally set on fire. 

"I can’t even believe it. Who can do such a thing? Who is crazy enough to throw a bomb and blow up your car or set your car on fire?” questioned Karla Flora.

Carmelita Clifton was arrested and charged with burning personal property and malicious use of an explosive device.

“I’m afraid for my life because this girl tried to kill me,” said Flora.

According to a police report the incident happened outside of Flora’s University City apartment  in the early morning hours of March 21. She wouldn’t elaborate on how she knows Clifton, but says she was threatened in the past.

“It’s unbelievable what she did. It’s unbelievable  and she should be charged for it. I have two children, but one is home,” said Flora.

Flora says the explosion totaled her car, but with a  daughter at home says that the least of her worries.

“This is tough for me. My daughter is extremely scared. She doesn’t want to be a this place anymore and we have to move,” said Flora.

Flora is now working to get a restraining or against Clifton.