Charlotte woman escorted out of Trump rally after silently protesting

A local woman silently protesting at the Donald Trump rally in Rock Hill was kicked out after standing up with a t-shirt that had the words “I come in peace.”

Rose Hamid of Charlotte knew shouting words during Trump's speech at the Winthrop coliseum would immediately get her kicked out. Instead, she decided to silently protest by simply standing up.

Hamid says she was protesting Trump's views. He previously called for a temporary ban on Muslims coming into the United States.

Even though she didn't shout a word, Hamid says her silence was strong enough to grab the crowd's attention.

"The people around at that point were super nasty saying really ugly nasty things,” she described.

Hamid tells FOX46 she was warned before entering into the auditorium that any kind of disturbance would not be tolerated.

"I wanted to be respectful of the people who were there. But I also wanted to send a message that this hate speech was something that we as Americans should not stand for,” she said.

Rose Hamid was not the only protester kicked out of that rally. Local Muslim activist Jibril Hough was dramatically escorted out during the event, his second time kicked out of a Trump rally.

Hamid says she went to the event to bridge a gap of understanding. She says although she was asked to leave, she met friendly Trump supporters who were open to hear her thoughts.

“Ease some of the fear. Take away some of the hate against Muslims,” she said

Political experts say this is a growing trend that seems to happen at Trump events. Protesters are showing up and then getting kicked out by security.