Charmin is selling a giant 'Forever Roll' that they claim lasts up to one month

PHOTO: Charmin

Does your family go through a lot of toilet paper? If so, Charmin has made just the product for you.

Charmin is selling a giant roll of toilet paper called the 'Forever Roll.'  The product is made of the same 2-Ply Ultra-Soft material that their other products use. Charmin claims that one roll can go up to one month before having to be changed.



One multi-user Charmin Forever Roll costs $9.99. A single user size is also available for $5.49. A pack of three multi-user Charmin Forever rolls can be purchased for $59.96, but is currently on sale for $29.97. The ongoing sale also includes a free stand for the roll, as it requires a special-sized toilet paper holder.

Several responses online have been positive, with one Twitter user writing "With 7 people in My house... I need rolls like this! Sign me up!"



For more information on the Charmin Forever Roll, visit their website

This story was written out of Orlando, Florida.

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