Check your name: Millions of dollars in unclaimed cash may be yours

Right now, there are millions of dollars in Mecklenburg County and even more statewide that are just sitting there waiting to be claimed, and chances are, you or someone you know is owed a chunk of that change. 

"We have about $700 million that belongs to people across North Carolina," NC Treasurer Dale Folwell told FOX 46. 

That's right: $700 million dollars. Mecklenburg County alone has millions sitting in the NC Cash Department of the State Treasurer's Office.

Most of it's money, but not all of it.

"Unclaimed stocks and bonds and cash. We also have some other things. Some baby teeth, some silver teeth, some gold teeth and some false teeth," said Folwell. 

So how does it get there?

It may be a final paycheck that never got delivered, a rent deposit, or in some cases, a lockbox abandoned at a bank. That property all ends up at the NC Cash Department.

If no one ever claims it, it sits there forever. It never goes away and Folwell wants to return it to the rightful owner.

He gave us a list of names, addresses and amounts with the highest on the list being $436,000 unclaimed. 

So FOX 46 got to work. At all the homes we visited, the person with unclaimed cash had moved away, but in some cases, a family member or friend was able to put us in touch.

Demetrick Thomas had $1,500 waiting for him.

"I do traffic control. That means a lot right now. The holidays coming up and stuff like that," Thomas said. 

We reached Harry Sibold who used to live on Selwyn Avenue, but now lives in Montana.

"You have $28,000 of unclaimed cash with the North Carolina Treasurer's Office," FOX 46's Morgan Frances told Sibold. 

"I did not know that. How would one find out about that?" Sibold said. 

We also got Fred Cooper, who now lives in Michigan.

"You have $3,666 that you haven't claimed that is all yours," Frances told him. 

"Oh wow! Ok. That's cool," Cooper said. 

At the Treasurer's Cash Department, there are more records of things that belong to people than citizens of North Carolina.

Well, there are millions of dollars in Mecklenburg County, but I would say to your viewers that the chance of them finding money at NC cash is higher than them willing the lottery.

It's like winning the lottery without buying a ticket. So the big question: How do you get it?

All you have to do is head to, type in your name, click submit and if your name is on the list, hit claim and follow the steps.

It's really that easy. While you're at it, type in your parents' names, you kids' names and your maiden name. You never know what'll turn up.
"You heard it here first, people. Go get that unclaimed money," Thomas said.