Childcare experts say leaving toddler outside of daycare was "unforgivable"

A toddler barely able to reach a door knob was left alone, sobbing, outside his daycare around 5:40 p.m. on Wednesday. 

"There he is-- on that back door crying. You see that? There is no one out there,” said the woman who caught the incident on video. “And you can hear him crying and trying to reach that door.”

It was a heart stopping sight for the woman who recorded this video. 

"Your mind races everywhere because the sign says they close at 5:30 this was clearly 5:40 and I thought ‘my goodness has this child been left behind is it going to get cold tonight?’"

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FOX 46 went by Sunshine Kids Learning Academy to get answers workers there say it closes around 5:30 p.m. each day. 

"The child was with the teacher and as they came into the building he apparently went back out right by the door they were going into the building into,” said Sunshine Kids Learning Academy Administrator Catherine Harrington.

"So he could've been out there like 20 minutes?” FOX 46 asked. 

"Could've been-- it's a possibility.  Yes ma'am," Harrington replied.

Emma Talbert runs Pathways Preschool Center near NoDa. She says this situation is inexcusable. 

"It was clear the child was terrified on a busy highway and no one else was around and that's upsetting,” she said. "No parent should have to come into their child's daycare//and find their child traumatized."

She says this situation could easily have been avoided through frequent headcounts.

"When it's time to go outside, when it’s time to go inside, when it's time to go to the gym and move about and constantly in the classroom,” Talbert said. 

Sunshine kids academy says it took swift measures.

"The teacher is no longer employed here as of yesterday was let go, had to be let go, because this is something that was serious enough to know that you just have to account for every child that's our job,” Harrington said.