Children's Halloween costume raises concerns

It’s that time of year when kids dress up as zombies and vampires.

But some parents are putting a limit on what their young ones can pick out, saying no to the invisible body suit costume for many different reasons.

Monica Nakagawa says the costume is extremely dangerous and would never let her children wear it, because they may not be visible to drivers as they trick-or-treat at night.

“That’s just ridiculous. First of all, that’s not a costume. Second of all, you’re asking for trouble,” she said.

Nakagawa says her daughter wore a catwoman costume last year, and that was scary enough.

"We had a flashlight and a glowstick and all of that with us. I really do prefer it when they decide that they want a character that's colorful,” she said.

A CMPD officer told us they haven’t encountered many problems with kids wearing dark colors at night during Halloween.

The department is encouraging kids and their families to carry flash lights at night, walk on sidewalks and wear clothes with reflective tape.

Shawn Sluder, manager of the Halloween Express store in the University area says if kids really want to wear the invisible body suit, there’s a way around it to ensure they’re safe.

"Glowsticks. Anything so that parents can spot their kids. Especially if they're wearing all dark,” he said.

Sluder says reflective bags like this are a great solution to the invisible body suit, along with neon belts and hats. But Sluder is encouraging parents to not take any chances.

"People are distracted now-a-days. They've got their GPS in their cars. They're constantly texting. They're constantly looking at their phones. And they might not mean to. But they could take out a little kid in a second,” Nakagawa said.

She believes the only way to fix this concern is to take the costume off the shelves.