Choose faith over fear and you can win -- life lessons from the Super Bowl

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I grew up in New England. We’ve certainly been spoiled with our sports teams and championships. But it is still hard to lose, especially a Super Bowl. Sunday’s game was one of the best I have ever seen, not just Super Bowls but any football game. And I have seen a lot of football in my life.

The Super Bowl has become a cultural icon, an event that transcends football. Even people who don’t watch football watch the Super Bowl. The excitement from this year’s game will last for a few days for sure. But there are life lessons for us that can last much longer.

In my years of working with people the issue I see that holds people back more than any other is fear. We fear failure, fear the future, have financial fears and the list goes on. Fear keeps us from realizing our God-given potential.

We miss out on career opportunities because of fear. We fear rejection and we lose the love of our life. We make fear -based instead of faith-based decisions and the results can hurt us or haunt us forever.

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