Chris Farley early recording of Shrek surfaces

An early recording of Chris Farley as Shrek has surfaced online just days before a documentary about the late comedian's life. The video was reportedly posted online by film producer John Garbett and shows early sketches of Shrek and his companion Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy.

Farley's brother Kevin recently told Yahoo! Movies a majority of Shrek's dialogue had been recorded by Chris before his brother's 1997 death from a drug overdose. Mike Myers, Farley's friend and Saturday Night Live co-star, was ultimately cast to replace Farley on the Dreamworks film. At the time of the July Yahoo! interview, Kevin Farley said he knew of the recordings but had never heard them.

The two and a half minute storyboard clip appears to have been posted online by Garbett as long as two years ago but only went viral online this week. A documentary about Farley called, I Am Chris Farley, premieres in theaters this weekend before being televised later this month.

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