Christian book store sells out of Billy Graham's books

A Park Rd. book store moved all their Billy Graham books to the front of their store Wednesday afternoon and they quickly sold out.

The Singletons treating a book with respect, just like how the man on the front cover treated others, for 99 years.

"To give her this book tonight is just going to be a blessing," said Bob Singleton.

He and his wife Ruth plan to present their neighbor with this book for her birthday.

"We know she will enjoy this book. I have already looked through it myself and I think she will just probably cry when she looks through this book,” Ruth Singleton said.

Park Rd. books placed all their Billy Graham publications out front Wednesday afternoon and they quickly flew off the shelves.

The Singletons knew what they bought was special, after attending a Billy Graham crusade in Charlotte during the 1990s.

"Hearing him talk, I don't know if I can describe that the feeling you get from that crusades and the wonderful things he had done and how he reaches out to people,” Ruth said.

Billy Graham may no longer be here with all of us, but his reach, now in a more important place.

"I can't help but think of all the people I have lost like my mom and dad and today they get to spend time with him. What a blessing,” said Bob.

The Singletons tell me they are excited about the thought of taking part in the Billy Graham celebration of life next week.

It will be their first up close experience with the Graham family since the crusades they attending in the 90s.