Christmas meal served at Charlotte Rescue Mission

Dozens served a holiday meal on Tuesday, and one family reunites for their first Christmas. FOX 46 went to the Charlotte Rescue Mission where a real Christmas miracle took place.

"She is a faithful volunteer every holiday."

We walked into a room filled with volunteers, filled with the Christmas spirit.

"Sean has been working since 11:00 p.m. last night."

The group of volunteers worked hard to serve a hot meal to their brothers and sisters in need.

"Everyone needs love at Christmas. Everyone needs to feel special at Christmas," said Christina Muhammad.

She and her dozens of other volunteers made everyone who walked into the Charlotte Rescue Mission this holiday feel special.

"Everything on both. Yup, you got it."

They had all the fixings and a personal server to make everyone feel at home.

"I was talking with one gentleman and we were talking about family," said Edward Steh.

He and his daughter Kyra made giving back to the community their new holiday tradition.

"I'm 11 and I think we've been doing this for one or two years. It's fun to do it to help other people and serve other people," said Kyra. 

One family they're serving is celebrating a very special Christmas this year. Reginald Sampson says Charlotte Rescue Mission is helping him recover from drug addiction.

"They're helping me see my family, helping me recover, helping me get clean. It's an awesome feeling."

He says this is the first time he’s celebrating Christmas with his two daughters.

"This is my Christmas gift today. I did not expect to see my daughters today."

It's also a special day for his mom, Stephanie, who says this is their first Christmas together in 5 years.

"This is the best Christmas gift I could ask for. I'm very grateful and very blessed," said Stephanie.