Christmas Tree harvest hits North Carolina

The Christmas tree harvest is in full swing.

North Carolina is one of the largest producers of Christmas trees. November is prime-harvest time for the trees.

"When harvest comes in November its a lot of long days no matter what the weather is," G and S Trees co-owner Matthew Horney said.

G and S owns 50 tree farms in the Southeast with over 1,000,000 trees. G and S said it will ship out 250,000 trees this season, mostly in the Southeast, but also as far as Canada and the Bahamas.

Horney said it can take up to 7 years to grow a 7-foot Christmas tree -- so the process is much more detailed and time consuming than he believes most people think.

"We've got all size trees because there's people buying trees to go in an apartment or there's people buying trees to go into a house with cathedral ceilings," Horney added.