Christmas tree planted in large Mississippi pothole: ‘From our sinkhole to yours'

A Christmas tree sits inside a small sinkhole on a neighborhood street in Jackson, Miss. (Fox News)

(FOX NEWS) -- Nestled between the intersections of two local roads in the Belhaven neighborhood of Jackson, Miss. is a Christmas tree like no other. After growing tired of waiting for repairs, an unknown resident placed the decorative tree inside a small sinkhole that sits in the middle of the street.

The festive holiday decoration had a sign that said: “Merry Christmas Belhaven. From our sinkhole to yours.” The sign was no longer there on Monday afternoon but the tree was lit up like, well a Christmas tree, to help drivers see the road hazard.

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Several residents who live along the street say they are glad to see someone’s unique way of drawing attention to a problem plaguing the city. Damie Brenholtz says she’s had to replace two tires in the past couple of years because of large potholes that have ripped them apart.

“They won’t fix it so we might as well decorate it,” Brenholtz told Fox News outside her home. She’s just one of several residents who have complained for years about the pothole problem in the area.