Christmas trees being sold by church for charity stolen by thieves

A place of giving, now becoming a target for thieves. They are stealing Christmas trees that are intended for charity. The latest incident happened Monday morning off Providence Road in Charlotte.

The search for that perfect pine during the season of giving is quickly turning to the season of snatching away.

"This wasn't someone taking care of the relatives. I am sure they are on someone's lot right now," said Glenn Shorkey from the Saint Gabriel Men's Club.

7 to 8 trees were carried right off a lot on Providence Road Monday around 7 a.m.

Someone driving by the lot at Saint Gabriel Catholic Church saw a suspect loading up trees and called police.

"I don't know how many trees they would have gotten if someone hadn't alerted them," said Shorkey.

This is the first time in 32 years of Christmas tree sales at the church police have been called.

"We always went on the philosophy that we would lose a tree here and there because someone needs a tree for the family," said Shorkey.

Whoever took advantage this year isn't hurting the church's bottom-line, but more than 20 charities who rely on trees being sold.

The Christmas tree lot is one of the biggest fundraisers for the Saint Gabriel's Men's Club. Volunteers remain optimistic about the season moving forward.

"Whatever we lost on the profit of these trees that have been stolen, it's not going to be different in how we take care of these charities," said Shorkey.

CMPD tells FOX 46 Charlotte that no arrests have been made in this case.