CIAA pulls 8 of 10 games from NC over HB2

The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) has pulled 8 of 10 games from North Carolina over HB2.

Due to time constraints, particularly as they relate to contractual obligations the 2017 CIAA Women's and Men's Basketball Tournament will remain in Charlotte, according to the CIAA.

The CIAA made the following statement:

"The CIAA's transition, beginning with the relocation of 8 championships, is the first step in demonstrating that the conference does not support laws which prevent communities from effectively protecting student-athletes and fans. For the 2017 Basketball Tournament, the CIAA will focus its resources to enhance the student-athlete experience in-venue with collaborative efforts aligning with the Charlotte community to highlight diversity, inclusion, youth education, and leadership. The Board will continue its discussion on hosting future championships in North Carolina and whether the tournament will remain after 2017. The CIAA Board recognizes that a single decision cannot offer a complete solution to a law that prevents communities from effectively protecting student-athletes and fans attending championships and events. The conference intends to increase its educational efforts to eliminate biases that exclude or marginalize any human being, regardless of one's race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or physical disability. The Board's decision allows the conference to fight against any measures which prevent the fulfillment of its mission to foster inclusive cultures for its student-athletes. With the student-athlete experience in mind, the conference is committed to protecting all of its championship events."

The CIAA says they'll announce new championship locations soon.

The Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC made the following statement: 

“Make no mistake, the fact that more championships are being moved out of North Carolina is a direct result of Pat McCrory’s stubborn refusal to repeal HB2,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “McCrory’s reckless response to the mess he created by signing HB2 into law continues to inflict serious harm on the state. Lawmakers who continue to ignore the overwhelming majority of North Carolinians and business leaders demanding the discriminatory law be repealed do so at their own risk come November.”

“200 days after its initial passage, HB2 -- the worst anti-LGBTQ bill in the nation -- continues to hurt our state every day,” said Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro. “Where is Pat McCrory right now? As our state suffers economically and communities are targeted for discrimination by the law, the governor does nothing. The time for action is now. We must repeal this awful law.”