City Clears Creeks and Streams in Preparation for this Weekend's Predicted Flooding

With all the rain headed our way, the City of Charlotte is preparing some for serious flooding by clearing debris from area creeks and streams.

On Thursday, storm water service crews spent the day surveying the areas and cleaning up any obvious debris.

One spot in particular, where Four Mile Creek runs under Providence Road near the Arboretum, is one of the biggest problem areas.

"This debris could actually cause this culvert to become blocked and water go over the road and potentially mean providence road could be closed," said Mark Boone with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services.

That would be bad news for the 1400 homes in Providence Plantation.

"If the water were collecting down there at the bottom where you go out onto Providence Road, you can't back up and get out of there. It would back up and create a problem," said Tommy Roche.

If you see creeks or streams getting blocked by debris in your area, the city asks you to call 3-11 so they can come out and clear it up before it becomes a problem in this weekend's flooding.