City council discusses preparations for NBA All-Star Weekend

With NBA All-Star Weekend now less than two weeks away, it's crunch time as the city prepares.

The anticipation is building, and on Monday, City Council detailed what Charlotte can expect from economic impact to security and traffic. This event will be big, to say the least. 

"The city is accustomed to big events, but this is on a different level," said Charlotte City Councilman Larken Egleston. 

In less than two weeks, around 150,000 visitors will be making their way to the Queen City.

"I think the city is focused on trying to make sure citizens are aware of the significant impact this is going to have," Egleston said.

NBA All-Star weekend is a slam dunk for Charlotte, bringing with it a major economic boost. It's also going to cause congestion within the city.

"We are really encouraging people-- if they don't need to be Uptown, they probably don't want to drive Uptown that weekend," Egleston said.

Charlotte will see a ton of traffic, and with it, will come some security restrictions. For those riding the Lynx Blue line, no purses, no totes, no book bags will be allowed. 

In total, the city estimates they'll be seeing a $100 million impact from the game. 200 counties, tens of millions of viewers, billions of mentions on social media, all for this, and city leaders say they've been ready.

“This exemplifies how big this really is and the type of impact it will have on our community,” said a city official who worked to get the All-Star game here.

Hotels have been filling up, and for those wanting to get into some of the events at the last minute, you may be out of luck.

“We’re sold out for the celerity game and the media day and practice and the rising stars’ game will sell out in the coming days.” 

Tickets for the All-Star game itself are being handled by the NBA, but all those sold-out tickets mean people using hotels, taxis, restaurants, and money will be spent many other places.

“We went back through the DNC and the process, and I think looking forward, that the NBA is using that for other cities.” 

CMPD has been working closely with city staff to make sure everyone stays safe.

"This is one of the biggest sporting events in the world," Egleston said, "Charlotte will be center stage."