City of Charlotte confirms rodent infestation issues at Lake Arbor Apartments

City of Charlotte Code Enforcement confirmed it is treating infestations of rodents at Lake Arbor Apartments -- two weeks after it said there are no signs of an infestation.

"It was an erroneous statement," code enforcement manager Ben Krise said to Charlotte City Council on Monday evening."There was evidence of rodent droppings in six units. I was not aware of that when I made that statement."

Krise said 49 units have some sort of infestation issue and 39 of those have been treated. Six of those units were related to rodents.

Council member Greg Phipps asked code enforcement, two-weeks ago, if there were any signs of rodent infestation at Lake Arbor.

"No, sir," was the response he received from code enforcement.

FOX 46 uncovered a code enforcement violation list that proved otherwise.

"This guy said he didn't see any rodents, I have pictures of a rat this big," tenant Natasha Tucker said. "I'm not exaggerating. You saw it on the news."

City Council member Matt Newton agreed -- he believes the residents are not exaggerating the conditions.

"I'm wondering, can we be a little bit more strict, you know, in our own code," Newton asked his fellow council members and city staff.

Residents and organizers, speaking from the podium, said they're going to keep fighting for better conditions.

"You will continue to see this face until something happens, I promise you," community organizer Apryl Lewis said.

Lake Arbor is run by Broad Management, based in New York. Robert Wolf is listed as the manager of the company.

They have continuously declined comment for FOX 46's investigations. 

City of Charlotte code enforcement has found violations in every unit on the property -- nearly 300. 

The City said it's working with the attorneys of the property and management to go over a corrective action plan. Violations are supposed to be fixed by the end of the year.