City of Charlotte to pay Randall Kerrick Back Pay

The city of Charlotte has agreed to pay former CMPD officer Randall Kerrick more than $179,000 in back pay and legal fees. Kerrick, the officer whose voluntary manslaughter charge was dropped in the shooting death case of Jonathan Ferrell, resigned from CMPD, effective October 2, 2015.

The city will pay: 

  • $112,935.98 in back pay
  • $8,181.05 to the NC Local Government Retirement System
  • $8,191.76 to the social security system
  • $50,630.80 to the lawyer who represented Kerrick in his civil suit 

The total amount paid in the agreement is $179,989.59. The city said in a press release that it will not pay any legal fees for Kerrick's criminal trial.

The separation agreement between Kerrick and the city of Charlotte means Kerrick will not be able to sue the city in the future regarding this incident.

In a statement Kerrick's attorney says he is not stepping down as a result of any misconduct and said it is evident in the Attorney General's decision not to retry the criminal case. "Wes Kerrick and his family look forward to new endeavors and are eager to place this tragic chapter of their lives behind them," Michael Greene said.

Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter said, "This resolution allows CMPD and the Charlotte community to move forward in the healing process and continue our work together on open, candid and wide-ranging community dialogue about community and police relations.”

In August, a judge declared the Kerrick trial a mistrial after jurors could not come to a unanimous decision on a voluntary manslaughter charge. The jury was split 8-4, favoring acquittal. The Attorney General later dropped the charge.

Kerrick was on trial for the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell in September 2013. Kerrick shot Ferrell after responding to a burglary call in a Charlotte neighborhood. 

Before Kerrick's trial, the city settled with Jonathan Ferrell's family for $2.25 million.