City's bike-bus lane project rolls out Monday

A pilot program that wil feature a shared bike and bus lane in Uptown will launch on Monday, city officials say.

The Charlotte Area Transportation System (CATS) is set to launch the initiative on East 4th Street between South Mcdowell Street and the city's transportation center. The rightmost travel lane will be restricted to CATS, school bus, scooters and bicycle use only, as well as emergency vehicles.

20 CATS local and express routes making more than 390 week day trips will utilize the new setup.

“This is a great opportunity to not only encourage the public to use transit more, but identify opportunities to implement bus/bike lanes in other corridors throughout Charlotte,” said Bruce Jones, Transportation Planner for CATS. Buses will be able to make stops without disrupting the flow of traffic.

The 'Envision My Ride' initiative is part of the city's attempt at improving the bus system with enhancements and implementing new technology.

“4th Street is an important corridor within our emerging center city bike network,” said Scott Curry, Active Transportation Planner for CDOT. “CDOT was already exploring options for improving the 4th Street bike lane when we learned about CATS’ interest in piloting a dedicated bus lane. The bus/bike lane project will be a first for Charlotte, but we know that other cities have used bus/bike lanes with great results for both transit riders and cyclists.”