Civil Rights activists hold rally before Kerrick trial begins

Community activists gathered in Marshall Park to support Jonathan Ferrell's family as the trial finally got underway Monday morning.

The event was organized by the True Healing Under God group.

They held several protests outside the courthouse over the past several months.

Civil rights activist John Barnett says he's been waiting for this day for two years.

“We pray that we get justice today,” Barnett said.

Group leaders believe CMPD officer Randall Kerrick used excessive force in the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell, while others say it was a case of self defense that led to Ferrell's death.

“That's the police department and the various police departments throughout the United States that are shooting our people in the streets everyday like dogs. We're the peace makers. So take that cry to the peace breakers,” group member Rahman Allah said.

Barnett is hoping Ferrell's mother will be able to handle watching the dash cam video for the first time and be able to bear the emotional testimony that's expected.

“I’m actually more concerned about miss Ferrell and her response to that particular video. My love and support is for the Ferrell family,” Barnett said.

Organizers tell me they'll continue to make their presence known, for how ever long the trial lasts.

Barnett says the goal is for peaceful protests, but depending on what the jury decides, he wouldn't be surprised if that changes.