Clean-up continues after birthday celebration ruined when tree crashed into home

A gaping hole remains in the roof of a Huntersville garage. The family still has a ways to go before they’re back to normal. They had tree trimmers at their home Tuesday to clean up the debris.

Trimmer Bradley Nelson said the job takes, “paying attention to detail, but when you do it every day  it becomes habit, I guess you could say.”

According to 1 Solution owner, William Smoot, it also takes, “Patience and smiles,” he said. “It’s always rough, especially when it’s through somebody’s house. It’s one of those times when they can have an attitude even though they don’t know they do,” he continued. “They’re just short tempered because they have a lot going on.”

Despite a lot of damage to their garage and their daughter’s car, Doug Tanner and his wife are counting their lucky stars; the tree landed right next to their kitchen.

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“We were having a birthday party ironically enough, birthday dinner, when the tree fell,” Tanner said, “so it was a little too close for comfort.”

They had to hire a crane operator to lift the tree off their garage. Tanner says he doesn’t know how much the damage will cost him just yet. His insurance company said it’s a little swamped after the storm.

“They said do what I need to do to get things put back together and just take plenty of picture and they’ll catch up with me,” Tanner said.

Smoot, the owner of 1 Solution, says now is the time to check your trees for old age or weak spots.

“If you see mushrooms actually growing off the tree, that’s normally a sign there’s dead wood there,” he said, “and you need to get an arborist to take a look at it.”

Something that can be a red flag is if a tree trimming company asks for a deposit before doing the work. Smoot says companies like that are more likely to take off with the money, and never returning to do the work.

Perhaps the silver lining: the Tanners have more firewood than they’ll need for a while.