Clean up underway after strong storms hit southeast before moving north

The heavy rain and high winds hit the Charlotte area over the weekend, saturating soil and causing trees to topple onto homes and cars, and fall into roads and driveways. 

Street lights and power lines were taken down by the wind, and neighborhoods were left with messes to clean up, and our area wasn’t the only one hit by the storms. 

“The ground is overly saturated. We have had a lot of rain in past few months and with these high winds and the foliage coming out, they are catching wind,” one victim of the storms said. 

The severe weather swept across the entire south Sunday. After unleashing suspected tornadoes and flooding, that same system headed north to hit the eastern Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic. 

A tornado that moved across Shelby, Ohio damaged dozens of structures.

"We’ve been cleaning up for two or three hours. [The] fence around this pool was blown down, three pine trees blown over,”  said Erv Howard, a Shelby, Ohio resident.

At least eight people were killed and dozens of others were injured. Of those, three were children.

"This is the unimaginable. You can’t imagine that happening id never think of a tree hitting a car while going down the road it was very upsetting,” south Texas resident Joe Spangler said. 

More than 200,000 people remained without power early this morning, spanning from North Carolina to the Mid-Atlantic.