Cleveland County recovering after tornado touched down

A Cleveland County home was destroyed during Monday’s storms. The man who lived here says in 20 years he's never seen anything like this and the worst part is, he doesn't have insurance.

His trailer in the foothills ripped apart. Clothing, books, and personal effects now a pile of rubble.

"Power lines, telephone poles, trees, roofs ripped off of homes, buildings," a resident said.

Neighbors now helping each other clean up recalled the moment the storm hit. The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado did touch down in the county.

"They were scared. She said it was just a loud noise. The only thing they knew was to just get inside the tub," said another resident.

“A lot of wind, real heavy wind and it was real loud noises and things were hitting the house," another neighbor said.

"It sounded like a bunch of TNT going off. I mean the trees wasn't even snapping they was coming completely out the ground like all 9 of them come all at once,” said another.

14-year-old Gina was on the school bus when the driver said a tornado touched down. She took cover with her family when she got home.

"I seen twigs and stuff, I even seen a cat flying. So, we went in the closet and took cover and then we stopped hearing it but it was still raining then we went and checked on all the neighbors,” Gina said.

Ryhan Arnette walked four and a half miles with his family to get gas for a chainsaw. They hid in the basement during the storm while trees fell around them.

"One fell probably about maybe 10 feet away from the house and it fell on top of my motorcycle and my jet ski and my other wood piles," he said.

The damage was widespread and many are still without power. 

"I mean we got a wood stove so we gone make it how we can," one resident said.

Another issued a warning.

"Because of the sounds, the wind, the rain and just the impact the storm brought to this little area right here, when you get alerts like that take heed to them. Those things might just save your life," he said.

People who live in this area say they were told it could be Thursday before they're power is back on.

In the meantime, there are still a lot of roads blocked by downed trees and wires.