Clinton visits Charlotte for rally, fundraiser

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton came to North Carolina Thursday for a rally at a historically black college and to raise campaign funds.

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Hillary Clinton told the crowd at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, “We’re going to make the economy fairer, raise the national minimum wage, get people to work full time.”

Clinton also didn’t hold back in her criticism of her opponent, Donald Trump. “People who have sacrificed and spent their lives protecting our country valuing what makes us exceptional and already great see Donald Trump and know he should not be anywhere near the White House. He is temperamentally unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.”

Voters tell Fox 46 Charlotte they are frustrated by the negative tone from both sides.

“I mean seriously I’ve never seen so much mud-slinging. It’s just not like a normal election,” said 90-year old Gloria Redmon.

“One word—hate. It’s hate-filled, I’ve never seen rhetoric like this one,” said Floyd Pugh, a Clinton supporter.

So how will all the negativity impact voter turnout?

“It has turned people off, many people will stay at home rather than get out and vote and that’s a shame,” Pugh said.

But Redmon said she’s voted in every election since she was 18 years old.

“We want these things. You sit on your butt and complain and don’t vote. If you want something, you get out and vote, regardless of who it is, you vote.”

Trump highlighted his attributes to lead the country and his support from the military while speaking in Greenville, North Carolina on Tuesday.

While in Charlotte, Clinton also was expected to attend a private fundraiser for the Hillary Victory Fund, which also benefits the Democratic National Committee and state party organizations.

Clinton running mate Tim Kaine came to eastern North Carolina on Tuesday, giving an address in Wilmington.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.