Clock Ticking for Midnight Free Online Shipping Deadline

More than 1,000 merchants are offering free shipping this last Friday before Christmas. All orders are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas Eve, but you only have a few hours left. It ends at midnight.

We catch up with a few Charlotte-based companies who are also working hard to fill those last minute items on Santa’s list.

Scissors, boxes, and packing tape. Three local businesses are reaching all across the country and more this holiday season.

"Washington State, Seattle, California.”

"Some friends just moved to the U.K. so they're like, can you send over here?"

"It's fun to send them out and think that there's some Elsa Fine under someone's Christmas tree."

Debra Worthy works at Modern Fabrics in South End. She says December is the busiest time of the year with packing and sending fabrics to customers because so much of the business is online.

"It's fifty-fifty. Fifty percent of our sales are online and fifty percent are at the store," said Worthy.

Michael Holmes who makes Mallory’s all natural candles says his online sales have gone from less than 1 percent to 15 percent over the past year. This is his third year in business.

“I learned my lesson last year. I started preparing for the holidays back in June and making production. This room was full at the end of October," said Holmes.

Jordan Dollard - a personal shopper and creator of Elsa Fine says, as a small business owner, she's able to fill last minute orders faster than maybe a big box store.

"We figured out the latest pick up times for all the USPS boxes around where I live. Sometimes the latest pick up is 7 o'clock at night, so no worries; we can get it out late," said Dollard.

All three say the latest they can fill online orders to arrive for Christmas will be Wednesday of next week.

Click here for a complete list of stores offering free shipping until midnight December 18th.