Clover zoning board rejects cell tower appeal

The fight over a 180-foot cell tower in Clover, South Carolina is ongoing after the town's board of zoning appeals voted Thursday night to essentially allow the construction of the tower to move forward.

The decision the zoning board was faced with was whether or not the town's zoning administrator made an error when granting a permit to Towercom to build this cell tower. In a 3-2 vote the board decided there was no error made.

"No cell phone tower in my neighborhood"
That was the message seen and heard over and over Thursday night by the town of Clover's zoning appeals board.

“It's going to be in the middle of a residential neighborhood and there has to be a better location,” resident Edward Dees said. “Somewhere in the town besides in the middle of a residential neighborhood.”

Dees is a Clover resident who filed the appeal.  He argued that the proposed location for a 180-foot Verizon cell tower is less than 40 yards from his front porch. And should the tower be built, he and his neighbors say it will almost certainly decrease the value of their homes and pose health risks to them and the surrounding community

“It's going to be an eyesore and some of the older people that live around me, it might be a health hazard to them,” Clover resident Bradley Williams said.  “So it just doesn't seem like the right place for it to be."

Town Councilman Todd Blanton has been helping Dees spearhead the issue. He says the board's decision to squash Dees' appeal is disturbing.

“l'm not trying to say that anybody maliciously made an error or a mistake,” Blanton said. “I’m just saying that there's still more information that's not out there. And I am saying that select information was given to the BZA and other full information was not given."

But the town of Clover says the land is zoned for industrial use, so putting a cell tower there follows the town ordinance.

In the end, Blanton says it would of helped if other members of the council would have joined him in the fight.

“I'm very disturbed,” he said. “I don't think that I've let down the citizens. I think the other council members and the mayor has let down the other citizens."

Blanton tells FOX46 the only option left is to take the issue to a higher court, a move he says could be costly.