CMPD: 2 arrested for sexual assault in uptown, impersonating an officer

Two men have been arrested for a sexual assault in South End where one of them pretended to be a police officer, CMPD says. 

The assault occurred around 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 14 near the light rail path in the 200 block of E. Bland Street. 

“You see so many people coming down this area because its bustling," said Courtney Calestini. "And then to think someone was attacked, just running on the main fairway its crazy to me.” 

A woman told police she was out jogging when she was approached by two suspects and sexually assaulted. She immediately provided a description of the suspects to police and officers began investigating.

30 minutes later, the same suspects approached someone else pointing what the victim believed to be a firearm, and one of the men identified himself as an officer. 

An officer in the area was able to find and detain the two suspects, now identified as Sterling Foreman, 23, and Tyler Macieira, 22. 

Foreman has been charged with sexual battery and impersonation a law enforcement officer. Macieira is charged with sexual battery. 

“It’s an up and coming area so it’s going to happen no matter where we are at,” said Jennifer Carriere.   

“We need a little more police involvement probably its getting dangerous around here,” said Nathan Vogelien.  

CMPD Public Information Officer Blake Page provided details in a video this afternoon: