CMPD: All officers now have body cameras

CMPD says all of it's officers now have body cameras.

A spokesperson confirms every officer within CMPD's 13 divisions are equipped with the cameras, including canine and airport officers.

The department ordered 1400 body cameras earlier this year. The cost including maintenance and licensing for over five years is about $5.5 million.

CMPD has been slowly rolling out the cameras to all divisions since April.

Body Warn Cameras will always be required to record incidents involving:

  • Traffic stops
  • Stop and Frisk (when there is reasonable suspicion of criminal activity)
  • Arrests
  • Uses of Force
  • During consent searches of persons and/or property
  • When requested by a citizen during an interaction with an officer
  • When officers are operating a vehicle in a manner that requires activation of its blue lights and siren
  • Disturbances or disorders
  • Involving emotionally or mentally disturbed persons
  • Involving weapons or violence
  • Identified as “in progress”