CMPD Animal Care urges pet owners to bring furry friends inside

CMPD's Animal Care and Control unit is urging pet owners to bring their four-legged family members inside with frigid temperatures on the way. 

Outside of their building, Animal Care and Control has a trailer filled with straw in case you absolutely have to leave your pet outside in this cold weather. 

A FOX 46 viewer contacted us saying he found a dog outside last night in Davie County where temperatures were in the 20s. 

"I was completely upset. The dog could barely turn around. A lady checking out the dog took pictures of it. No food or water," said Andrew Vanwert. He found the pup left outside. 

Animal Care Specialist Melissa Knicely says that leaving an animal outside in the cold or hot weather is not against the law in North Carolina as long as the animal has adequate shelter, but their suggestion is always to keep your pets warm inside the home.

“There are definitely no laws that say animals can't live outside here in Mecklenburg County. It is not illegal to leave your animal outside all of the time, but there are proper ways you have to keep your animal,” Knicely said. 

Although we found out the owner was not in violation for leaving the dog outside, other pet owners agreed with Vanwert, saying leaving animals outside in this weather is ridiculous. 

“It's too cold. If it's too cold for me it's too cold for them and I say it's inhumane. It's too cold for that,” neighbor Rebecca Bean told FOX 46.  

Back at the animal shelter in Charlotte, this straw trailer will be accessible for anyone who needs it. Officials say that's if you can't bring the animals inside. 

“You can come in the parking lot and help yourself to a bail of hay or straw if you need it. This bail of hay has been donated by an anonymous donor. There is plenty of it. Animal Care and Control says although you can have pets outside in extreme weather, they need to be sheltered,” said Knicely.