CMPD arrests 20 possible gang members for violent crime charges

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police conducted a three month operation that was successful in combating violent crime in the city. Police arrested 20 people throughout the operation.

CMPD says the operation began after a shooting investigation that happened in early 2014. Detectives discovered two opposing groups as a result of the shooting.

These groups began to commit violent acts against one another throughout 2014 and into the spring of 2015, endangering the lives of others, according to police.

CMPD created a task force to deal with the two groups in spring 2015 after violence began to increase.

During the three months, 11 guns were seized and 20 people facing various charges from murder to fraud have been arrested.

CMPD says they will continue to conduct operations of this type and target violent individuals who present harm to the community.