CMPD asks for leads with Weekend Shootings "Due to Rival Groups"

CMPD Chief Kerr Putney says the increase in shootings that occurred over Labor Day Weekend is due to rival gang-like activity. He says these groups are not named gangs, but they're behaving like gangs. He says their retaliation has caused the deaths of innocent people, including a 7-year-old boy, shot and killed Saturday night when someone shot into a birthday party on Fieldvale Place.

Putney says the department is treating all of the shootings from the Labor Day Weekend, in which a total of 12 people were shot, including 5 fatally, as if they're connected.

Putney believes the youngest victim, Kevin Antonia Calderon Rodas, 7, was killed due to mistaken identity. His family had just moved to the home on Fieldvale Place. Chief Putney believes the target was someone else.

He says so far, there are no leads. No witnesses have come forward to give them the break they need, and others have been uncooperative. He's asking the public to help them solve these shootings.