CMPD Bait Phone program arrests four over weekend

CMPD arrested four men over the weekend during another Bait Phone Operation.

At least two of the arrests happened at the Epicentre and at least one person was rewarded for turning in a phone.

CMPD launched its program after saying stolen phones and electronics are its most-common crime in the Uptown area. It is placing these phones in bars, restaurants and other areas to "bait" people into either stealing the phone or turning it in.

If a person steals the phone they will be arrested, but if they turn it in, they will receive a gift card or other reward.

The Department says ever since it first initiated this program in early 2015, cell phone thefts in Uptown have gone down 10 percent compared to 2014.

CMPD says it will be out and about with this program each week.

Those arrested are charged with misdemeanor larceny.