CMPD calls CMS bus driver "irresponsible" for ignoring traffic signs

CMPD reacting to the exclusive video FOX 46 caputred showing 10 students from First Ward Elementary on board the bus while the driver tried to manuver off the tracks on Central Ave. 

"I don't think it comes anymore irresponsible or dangerous than something like that when you have precious cargo in the vehicle," said Rob Tufano, CMPD's spokesperson. 

A CSX spokesperson saying: "I saw the video on your station and there is no excuse. Under no circumstance should a vehicle stop on the tracks."

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CMS adding the ten kids made it to school safely, but the driver is suspended while the district investigates. Now her criminal future is in the hands of CMPD.

"Investigators in that division are looking at that,"  said Tufano. "No one has been charged to my knowledge at this point and I expect everything is on the table when it comes to that case."