CMPD: Car thefts rising, with keys left in car

CMPD says they’re noticing a trend in the most preventable type of crime in Mecklenburg County - people leaving their keys in their car.

City wide, one car gets stolen every day because someone left their keys in the ignition.

So far this year, CMPD says there have been 197 cars stolen in Charlotte. 121 of them were cases where keys were inside the car.

Lt. Tom Barry with the Providence Division  believes people are letting their guard down.

“Sometimes when we’re doing such a great job reducing crime, people are comfortable and feel safe. And they haven’t been a victim of crime so they’ll let their guard down,” he said.

Police officers are encouraging the public to practice good habits and protect themselves from break-ins.

The stats CMPD shared with us are city-wide. They have not broken down those numbers based on neighborhoods and location.

The three simple steps CMPD wants people to be mindful are to hide your things, lock your car and take your keys.