CMPD Chief of Police speaks out after additional body cam, dashcam released

It's been a battle following the police shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott. The community wanted the body camera and dash cameras video released to the public. That's just what happened - and now the Chief of Police is speaking out. 

Citizens have seen the footage released by CMPD captured on dash and body cam showing the minutes leading up to the shooting and the attempt by police to keep Scott alive. 

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The new video still leaves many with questions. CMPD Chief Kerr Putney told FOX 46 Charlotte the release of all the video wasn't his idea.

"To be quite frank with you, the family wanted the release. I think what I released initially is what should be seen," Chief Putney said. 

The new video released Tuesday shows Keith Lamont Scott laying in a parking lot, dying, hands cuffed behind his back with a clear view of three bullet holes, and officers using Scott's shirt to stop the bleeding.

"Officers need to make sure people are secure," Chief Putney said. 

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In the footage, you can hear police reference a gun in the video. But the question remains, where was the gun in relation to Scott and was it enough for Officer Vinson to use deadly force?

"Everything matters, the video, the statement from officers and witnesses, and physical evidence," Chief Putney said. 

The chief has been asked by the public to step down. 

"I've heard everything people have to say, if you want to remove me, or fire me, I stand with and behind the heroes who are doing great work, and we have more to do," Chief Putney said. 

Following the release, an independent investigation of CMPD's policies and procedures, including how the shooting death of Scott was handled, and the police department's relationship with the community since his death.